The Box

Wyde Box is the first open school project. Consisting in a series of workshops and experiences conducted in companies and organizations that are part of the Wyde Community.

What we need in Wyde world

Intrapreneurship: the ability to create and implement new projects inside and outside the company.

Passion and Creativity: the perception to live according to your talents and be able to develop those of others.

Energy: the power to move oneself and others relying on emotions. 

Courage: the ability to constantly change and imagine oneself in new and different ways.

Collaborative Intelligence: the ability to create new ways of collaboration going beyond the traditional geographic boundaries and corporate hierarchies.

Planning ability: to create innovative projects capable of changing your group and the organization.

New and concrete business opportunities that create value for your target system.

Leadership: the ability to lead oneself and others in contexts that are unfamiliar, uncertain and complex.

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