We are the place and the time for individual, social and organisational transformation.
We create new grounds where people can play, generating opportunities and meaning.
We accelerate innovation, favouring the exchange of intelligences in collaboration.
We help people to act with courage, stimulating creativity, we give strength to emotions.
We generate new purposes, dancing between continuity and disruption.
We nourish the terrain of the project, singing cultures and communities ready for new ventures.
We Wyders build starting from the future.

Our Principles

We work with people, cultures, symbols, myths, collective imaginaries that create and define reality and the borders within which we move. We make social sciences and humanistic studies our own.
We play widening horizons. We build learning environment where one can learn from mistakes and improve.
We believe that complex problems can only be faced in a multidisciplinary way, integrating diverse people and know how.
We favour learning, transformation and personal and organisational growth through projects designed as tools of discontinuity, compared to pre-adopted practices and methods.
We immerse people in captivating learning experiences, exciting and relevant to their development.


We create a playground for the internal transformation of the company.
Working in exploration, on solid innovation projects, learning by doing.
Everything is based on the social nature of learning.

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