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#Collaboration: we foster new forms of collaboration that are open, transparent, across-the-board and multidisciplinary are essential to deal with complex problems. 

#Creativity: we help create and connect seemingly distant worlds, generate new solutions, make mistakes and learn from them.

#Learning: learning how to transform oneself, to relate to others and how to acquire new skills and knowledge.  

#Project: the project is the place where new knowledge is built through collaborations that increase value and help it to circulate within a network.

#Humanity: emotions, intuitions, sensitivity, empathy and the multiple forms of intelligence become fundamental assets to live dynamically.

#Ecosystem: the company becomes an ecosystem and opens various connection to the outside world.


We embrace a new paradigm

Human Cultures

We work with people, cultures, symbols, myths and collective images that create and define the context we move into and its boundaries.


We play widening horizons. We build learning environments in which you can learn from your mistakes and improve.


We believe that complex problems can only be dealt with in a multidisciplinary environment by integrating knowledge.

Learning by Design

We encourage learning, change and growth of individuals and organizations through project planning and design.

We consider projects as discontinuity moments in which teams and individuals must work, research and develop new solutions.

Learning by Experience

We involve people in engaging learning experiences that are relevant for their development.

Human Relations and Transformation

We disclose relational dynamics and help people realize the power of their personal impact. We facilitate transformation through experiences that create dialogue and increase the ability to take action.

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