Our Y is the symbol of creativity, of synthesis and of action.

We build the best knowledge together with companies and individuals, developing tools and methods to navigate the present and transform the future.
We are the place and the moment for the transformation of organisations and people who make their knowledge, resources, skills available to create a better future together, one which is deeply rooted within the social role of the company.

The School

Companies, businesses, organisations, individuals need to learn continuously. Our school develops the best skills related to Leadership, Change and Innovation.

The approach

We create a playground for the internal transformation of the company. Working by exploration, on solid innovation projects, learning by doing. Everything is based on the social nature of learning.

The project

Where there were tasks, now there are projects to be developed instead. Where there were subjects, now there are experiences. Where there were divisions, now there is contamination among various fields. The aim is not for the accumulation of individual knowledge, but rather for the development of shared collaborative intelligence, creating the new together.


We are a group of companies, partners and institutions through which to exchange, grow and develop valuable projects transforming the way of doing business.

Reclaiming Conversation

The Wyde "Reclaiming Conversation" are intended to be a place for exchange and reflection by people from the worlds of business, art and culture. Humans who weave their eyes on the present and the future bringing different perspectives and ideas to start again with new narratives and a renewed spirit.

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WalkAbout 2019

Our school is a journey of discovery. We sing Communities and Cultures able to perform great feats.

In Aboriginal culture, the whole world could be read as a musical score.
There was no rock or stream that had not been sung about, or that could not be sung about.

The WalkAbout was the journey that a member of the tribe had to undertake to connect to the stories of their origins, and to get in touch with their own world.
WalkAbout 2019 is a series of workshops in which to share experiences, create new meaning and skills for a world in continuous transformation.

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Emozioni da Teatro

Wyde Publishing

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Of Chaos and Action

Jose D'Alessandro

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Poetica delle comunità

Wyde Publishing

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I valori come semi

Wyde Publishing

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Gregorio Di Leo

Co-Founder Partner Wyde

Founding Partner of Wyde, He is a psychologist trained at CTI London and experienced in Leadership and Human Resources.


Jlenia Ermacora

Co-Founder Partner Wyde

After fifteen years of experience in training and consulting at a prestigious Italian business school, Jlenia decided to found Wyde.


Simona Gonella

Director of Emotions

Graduated in Directing at the School of Dramatic Arts Paolo Grassi in Milan, Simona took her first steps as a director with Gabriele Vacis...


Giorgio Di Tullio

Identity, Community and Society

With a philosophical and anthropological background, Giorgio explores myths and cultures of different countries and conducted research...



  • Organizational Design with Comavicola

    Comavicola is a business leader in frozen seafood products sales and distribution. With annual sales exceeding 100 million Euros, Comavicola is a third-generation company in continuous transformation that currently counts about 40 people.

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  • Team Building and Courage with Oney Italy

    Created in 1983, Oney Bank is a branch of Auchan Groupe that is present in 11 countries and counts over 2,000 employees in the world. Oney accompanies partner activities contributing to the development of their turnover through innovative payment tools, customized financing solutions and customer relationship management tools (CRM).

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