The value of what we have isn’t embodied in the final result, in the performance, in the content, but in the process through which products and services are modified, enriched and shared with the community.

WalkAbout 2019

In Aboriginal culture the whole world could be read as a musical score.
There was no rock or stream that had not been sung about, or that could not be sung about.

The WalkAbout was the journey that a member of the tribe had to undertake to connect to the stories of their origins, and to get in touch with their own world.
WalkAbout 2019 is a series of workshops during which to share experiences, create new meaning and skills for a world in continuous transformation.Every workshop is hosted by a company in the Wyde Community.
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We create a playground for the internal transformation of the company.
Working in exploration, on solid innovation projects, learning by doing. Everything is based on the social nature of learning.
  • Playgrounds are places of learning and of experimentation.
  • Multifunctional and multidisciplinary teams face challenges (preferably strategic) implementing new - out of the box - ways of working.
  • Teams are trained in the use of new tools for business analysis, for design and for project management.
  • Everyone is asked to apply what they have learnt along the way.
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Learning by Design

We encourage learning, change and growth of individuals and organizations through project planning and design.
We look at projects as discontinuity moments in which teams and individuals must work, research and develop new solutions. Each project is supervised by a different team of Wyders according to the project characteristics and requirements.

Learning by Experience

We involve people in engaging learning experiences that are relevant for their development.
We expose the teams and individuals to different worlds through activities, workshops, trips in order to create new references and models.

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