Summer Leadership Camp

Summer Leadership Camp

LOCATION: Mongioie | DATE: 10-11 September

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The ability to act and guide others in complex scenarios is NOT learned in a classroom, but is developed through meaningful high-level experiences, and through subsequent reflection on the dynamics which are acted upon by individuals and groups during the course of experiential activities.

Leadership is not learned from books. The camp helps to develop a deep sensibility towards group dynamics and how people behave outside of comfort zones.


What will the participants learn?

  • Develop interpretive skills and personal impact in complex contexts: How does my behaviour influence spirit, the team dynamic and what happens afterwards?
  • Increase ability to create cohesive teams capable of facing difficult challenges: What can I do, and what can we do together when we are faced with difficult scenarios?
  • Raise personal leadership skills and stress management ability: How do I react when I am under pressure? Which of my characteristics emerge?
  • Understand how to communicate with others in an effective, precise and organised way: What breaks a team apart?
  • Be more aware of what people expect from a leader and how to build strong teams.

Under the guidance of an expert mountain guide and a specialised coach, the participants are immersed in unexpected experiences which highlight the complex dynamics of team-work.


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Who is this workshop for?

The Summer Leadership Camp is aimed at all those who are called to lead themselves and others in complex scenarios, and who have the need and desire to discover and understand the dynamics triggered in these conditions, at an individual and collective level.

The participants will gain a new point of view, acquiring a new sensibility of their own impact on the context at hand, and on others.




Methodology and Activities

The course revolves around learning which emerges from outdoor experience. Alternating between moments of activity and moments of debriefing and reflection, coaching and activities with the aim of enabling the transfer of learning from experience to everyday life.



Next Date

Sept 10th and 11th  2019, 


The cost for participating in the course is 1.500 Euros (one thousand five hundred) + VAT.


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Our faculty on the course

Matteo Canova


Mountain guide and experienced rescuer under extreme conditions, Matteo is a specialist in guiding and training groups under difficult conditions...

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