Art of Courage with Tenova

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Who we helped

With more than 3,600 employees in 24 countries, Tenova is a global supplier of technologies, products and advanced engineering services for metal and mining industry.



    Increased awareness and ability to deal with change;


    Improved ability to innovate and act with courage;


    Increased ability to take action based on the 5 types of courage: say, give, try, take responsibility, give confidence


    More sense of belonging to the group

What was the challenge?

Renew the company academy through high educational value activities characterized by high emotional involvement. Design activities that would help people to act more courageously under pressure and to be effective agents of change.

Who we worked with?

HR Officers

How we helped them?

We have built a training program centered on the theme of courage, using two high-impact experiential activities (martial arts and theater). Throughout the activities participants expanded their comfort zones and had the opportunity to test themselves in new environments that facilitated new learning and insights. A select team of 50 participants from all over the world took part in the courses with great enthusiasm, giving exceptional feedback.

Which are the innovative elements of the project?

The alternation between moments of reflection and experiential activities led by experienced coach has created the perfect situation to favor mutual exchange and personal and professional growth.



Our faculty on the project

Gregorio Di Leo

Co-Founder Partner Wyde

Founding Partner of Wyde, He is a psychologist trained at CTI London and experienced in Leadership and Human Resources.

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Simona Gonella

Director of Emotions

Graduated in Directing at the School of Dramatic Arts Paolo Grassi in Milan, Simona took her first steps as a director with Gabriele Vacis...

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