Organizational Design with Comavicola

Who we helped

Comavicola is a business leader in frozen seafood products sales and distribution. With annual sales exceeding 100 million Euros, Comavicola is a third-generation company in continuous transformation that currently counts about 40 people.



    Change acceleration


    Skills and competences analysis


    Creation of an organizational chart


    Increased communication


    Increased responsibility


    Better organization


    Creation of new roles


    Increased Efficiency

Which was the challenge?

The relocation from the traditional warehouse logistics to a bigger and fully computerized facility required the rearrangement of the organizational structure. The relocation represented also a cultural shift for a company so far characterized by nondigital procedures.

Who we worked with?

The project has involved directly the company President Alessandro Villa, the Administrative Director and all the employees interviewed.

How we helped them?

We have created a map of current key processes and a map of business skills in order to ensure the continuity between the present and the future of the company.

Which are the innovative elements of the project?

The consulting process has been conducted through interviews, workshops, skills analysis and the implementation of a business model. We developed bottom-up and top-down processes encouraging communication and participation in a moment of great internal change.

Which change has been promoted?

Interviews, workshops and consulting activities helped the company display a future dimension. Digitization and new organizational skills led to the inclusion of new professional profiles able to support the company's growth and make cultural evolution possible..

Our faculty on the project

Gregorio Di Leo

Co-Founder Partner Wyde

Founding Partner of Wyde, He is a psychologist trained at CTI London and experienced in Leadership and Human Resources.

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