Team Building and Courage with Oney Italy

Who we helped

Created in 1983, Oney Bank is a branch of Auchan Groupe that is present in 11 countries and counts over 2,000 employees in the world. Oney accompanies partner activities contributing to the development of their turnover through innovative payment tools, customized financing solutions and customer relationship management tools (CRM). Oney Bank Spa is the Italian branch based in Milan and has the size, dynamics and spirit of a real startup.




    Collective identity implementation


    Improved team play


    Greater awareness


    Greater personal contribution


    Ability to manage uncertainty


    Increased communication





Which was the challenge?

We worked with a small and young team that needed to define its own identity, develop mutual trust and create new interaction models. We helped them with the construction of a collective identity everyone felt part of.

Who we worked with?

Italian CEO and HR Manager.

How we helped them?

The project began four years ago and we are still on board. Through experiential Team Building activities we highlighted several aspects that proved to be fundamental for the growth of the team. Courage, Authentic Quality, Leadership are among the issues that have been processed with the help of activities such as martial arts, theater workshops or hiking.

Which are the innovative elements of the project?

Experiential activities help people to exit their comfort zone and reevaluate their roles. Through new action models people are able to recognize the relational dynamics and analyze them under the guidance of an experienced coach. The experiential activities are always accompanied by debriefing moments that help the team to set new directions for the future.

Which change has been promoted?

The team building course is guiding Oney in its evolution and growth. We think of it as a continuous journey that assist the team in the recognition of new challenges and support development opportunities.

Our faculty on the project

Gregorio Di Leo

Co-Founder Partner Wyde

Founding Partner of Wyde, He is a psychologist trained at CTI London and experienced in Leadership and Human Resources.

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