Team Building with Reebok

Who we helped

Reebok Italy is the group responsible of the promotion of the brand Reebok in Italy. It belongs to the Adidas Group and is one of the youngest and most innovative brands in the sportswear world.



    Increased communication


    Improved team play and spirit


    Deeper sense of belonging


    Increased flexibility


    Personal responsibility

Which was the challenge?

Reebok moves within a complex and competitive scenario where it is necessary both to react quickly and to keep a high coordination level. The project accompanied of the group in different stages of its growth. The main goals were to improve communication between team members, develop team spirit and support collective growth.

Who we worked with?

Managing Director Reebok, Adidas Learning and Development Manager

How we helped them?

Through a series of training courses and experiential programs we have backed up the team during its development process, increasing the ability to engage in an open and sincere interaction.

Which are the innovative elements of the project?

We interchanged traditional training with experiential activities in order to enhance communication among individuals and show its impact on the team.

Our faculty on the project

Gregorio Di Leo

Co-Founder Partner Wyde

Founding Partner of Wyde, He is a psychologist trained at CTI London and experienced in Leadership and Human Resources.

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