Laura Pozzato


I naturally love cooking, I learnt by myself, with an endless collection of books and magazines. I did few trainings as well and finally I ended up working as a cook in a professional kitchen. But cooking still for me means mainly having fun. At some point I brought big changes to my life path and I went from banking to food, making it central in my career. If food was gradually my main interest, eventually it became for me an healthy issue as well and it turned into a love for authentic and wholesome food. During the time I became more and more conscious about the complex interdependencies within the web of food which bring all of us together, also thanks to the holistic and multi-disciplinary approach offered by the University of Gastronomic Sciences  (which it’s not a culinary school). In fact eating and preparing fabulous dishes is only the end of a long process, food is a lot more than a cooking show: it’s an amazing story-teller.

Last thing to introduce myself: Laura loves chocolate as much as she hates coriander!

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