Sofia Francescutto


Sofia is a PhD in Philosophy of Law at the University of Milan Law School and studied at Law School and Philosophy Department of Columbia University, NYC. She worked as a researcher for Milan Center for Food Law and Policy and for the national chapter of Transparency International in Chile.

Expert in argumentative techniques and applied philosophy of language, Sofia focused her research on the use of metaphors and on the ability of figurative language to influence our world view, both as individuals and as members of a cultural group.

With her experience as a researcher, scriptwriter and audiovisual producer in Italy and South America, Sofia promotes an analysis of language that combines the classical reasoning techniques with the use of figurative language in order to produce images that are immediately accessible and understandable by the interlocutors.

Sofia collaborates with la Rivista il Mulino writing on public and social policies issues. In Wyde she deals with the production of original content and assists the community building processes.

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